The Calm after the Storm

Last night was pretty interesting. A spring storm came through around 9:30pm and it rained until 2:30am. How do I know that? The entire time, I laid in bed ready for the water to take our beautiful new fifth wheel down the river.

Being the worry wart that I can be sometimes (no comment from my husband), I refrained from sleep. Dan, however, hit the pillow and was out in seconds, snoring to his heart’s content. The rain calmed him but it freaked me out. I’d forgotten how loud rain can be in an RV. Every drop sounded like a pingpong-sized hail stone. When we traveled previously, we had a motor home. It rained when we were in it, too, but it wasn’t nearly as loud.

Watching theDSC_0191 news, I knew the meteorologists were wrong. They never reported rotation in the clouds or flash flooding in the area. How could that be? I became so concerned, I started measuring my arm to determine the length of a cubit.

After about three hours of sleep, this morning I awoke, dressed, and got in my car to go to work. I found the ground to be pretty wet but things were calm and the sun was shining. All was not lost and life in the RV goes on.


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