OMG!!! I think we’re Glampers!!!

As I rolled out of my king-sized bed with its 4-inch memory foam mattress pad after a fabulous night’s sleep, I thought about the tent campers down the road. Sure they’re sleeping under the stars, but they’re probably in their twenties or thirties and have yet to have any issues with their knees, their back, or their bowels.

I walked down the stairs of the RV and turned on the Keurig so I could brew my first cup of coffee. The sound is similar to that you hear at Starbucks and it’s music to my ears. I turned on the 48″ television as I sat in my recliner to check out the weather and updates on the news.

Big Bend CupI finished my first cup and threw in a Junior Mint cocoa for a change of pace and I started up my laptop as I sat down at my dining room table. I thought about my first camping experience more than 30 years ago. We stayed in a small travel trailer but had to freshen up in a rigged up shower made from a tarp and a minnow bucket that required you to heat up the water and have a trusting person pour the water as you lathered up. Our coffee/cocoa was made from a fire pit as were most of our meals.

I realized this morning that we are what most would consider to be glampers – glamorous campers. I don’t really think of us as glamorous but it’s the best definition I could find. I cook on my three-burner stove or in my tiny oven or in my microwave/convection oven. I choose items from my pantry and my full-sized refrigerator. I bathe in my full shower and I listen to music from my stereo with surround sound.

Some might call this bragDan and cigarging but I assure you it is not meant to be. Our new home on wheels is a fifth the cost and size of our former 2,000 square foot house.

Do we spend time outside? Absolutely.

Here’s my husband, enjoying a cigar while drinking a Jack and Coke from a bluebonnet tumbler. I’m enjoying a watermelon margarita that I made with my Bullet, since I didn’t have space for a large blender.

As new full-time RV’ers, we love the ability to load up and go to various locations across the country but we want to do that in a way that allows us to be comfortable.

So, before you rake us over the coals for our glamping lifestyle, know that we have given up a lot of things in our small living space. We’re adjusting to our tiny house and life is a new and interesting challenge every day. Now we need to take the dogs out for a walk and let them run at the dog park. Then, we’ll come back and take a nap in our pleather recliners. Before we drift off to sleep, we’ll think about those tent campers, doctoring their bug bites and massaging out the knots in their backs from the rock they slept on all night. Ah, youth.



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  1. Jessica Meinhofer

    We can totally relate although we gave up tent camping in our late 30s/early 40s. Our last tent camping experience was June 2015 and I didn’t sleep. It was terrible. We still need to upgrade our mattresses in our travel trailer to get a better night sleep, but definitely beats the sleeping bags. Thanks for the chuckles this morning!


  2. howard1018

    Well, you make this look so good that even I (definitely NOT a camper) would be enjoying myself. Dan looks peaceful and happy with his stogie and drink. Ahh, I think we’re having fun so far, don’t you?!



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