The Final Countdown

It’s been an interesting second week living in the RV. The rains are mostly over after a number of days of crazy storms. The cornfield across from the RV park has been growing, almost before our eyes, and the sun finally appeared and provided us with a great sunset.


My last day of work is this Friday. I’ve truly enjoyed my job and the people I work with so the day will be bittersweet. But I have to say we’re ready to begin this experience and get on the road.

I was asked the question today, ‘how did you decide the time was right?’ It was an interesting question and I’ve continued to give more thought to it.

When is the right time for any decision? Do you have enough money? Is your health okay? If we ask too many questions, we might not get anywhere. I’m normally a huge skeptic but when it came to this decision, I went all in. As I said in my first blog post, sometimes you really do have to leap and pray the net will find you.

In a few more days, we’ll see. Until then…

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