Prep Work

Well, the countdown ends tomorrow. I left my job today and now it’s time to prepare for our travel.  We’ve lived in the RV for a couple of weeks and have learned quite a lot since then. We’ve continued to determine what else we might need for the road. I’m sure we’ll discover additional can’t live without them items, but nothing comes to mind at this writing.

Many of the people I’ve talked to since we made this decision said they wanted to know as much as we would be willing to share about this experience. This may be boring to some but for those who are interested in doing this or are just curious, here it goes.

In order to prepare for travel, we’ve determined the need for taking care of our things on the road. So whether you drive your motor home or tow your trailer or fifth wheel, you’re carrying a number of moving parts. While we can’t control the literal nuts and bolts of our home on wheels, we can at least try to control what moves around within it. collage-2016-04-22 (1)The dollar stores have been our life savers. We’ve purchased baskets of all shapes and sizes and curtain rods of numerous lengths. Why? It seems our stuff is safer if something can block it from falling when we take that crazy turn or make that sudden stop. We even visited the liquor store and got some cardboard paper dividers to protect the booze.

When we head out in the morning, our hope is when we arrive at our first destination in far west Texas, everything arrives with us in the same space we packed it in and not all over the floor. Fingers crossed until tomorrow!


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