A Week’s Worth of Memories

Well, we finished our first week as nomads in Arizona. What a week it’s been!

The RV Resort we’re staying in through May is incredible.

We chose a spot offering a fabulous view of the mountains and easy access to the sandy area for the dogs. No grass here, I’m afraid. They seem to be enjoying the move, as well. Sadie sees every type of critter when she looks out the windows and has learned which will give her continued viewing should the animal leave her sight. She bounces from the couch to the recliner to the bed in order to spot her prey. Fortunately, if she caught said prey she’d have no idea what to do with it. Hannah, being the older and wiser of the two, enjoys daily walks and naps on her new dog bed while a fan blows gently on her. What a life!dogsAs for Dan and me, we continue to learn how to live simply and small. This morning, I rearranged the pantry, cabinets, and drawers for about the third time. I’m leaving the closets alone for now but no guarantees that won’t happen again. Now that we’ve settled in, we’ve learned what needs to be easily accessed as opposed to stored until needed. Dan deals with the storage space under the fifth wheel and I am organizing the living space. He has his ‘garage’ just like in our former stick and brick home, it’s just a tad smaller.

For those of you not familiar with the RV lifestyle, one thing you do have to adjust to is the dreaded emptying of the tanks – black and grey, to be exact. Black stands for, well, you know, and it’s really important you pay attention to the fullness of this particularly tank. We do have levels to show and they are key to knowing when to empty into the sewer. Grey is for shower and sink water and follows closely behind the black tank water for, shall we say, playing clean up. ALWAYS dump black first followed by grey. No, we didn’t make this mistake but we’ve both done a lot of reviewing this particular area of camp life and read horror stories of others. See, it’s not all glamorous! If you would like an example of how to do it wrong, watch RV with the late Robin Williams.Robin WIlliamsAside from storage adjustments and plumbing, we’ve really enjoyed the week. Adjusting to really relaxing has been harder than I thought it would be for me. Not having a timeline for getting things done and slowing down is quite a challenge. I’m starting to get the hang of it but will continue to practice. Dan retired a few years ago and has much less trouble.

While we slow down, we’ve had the opportunity to see some amazing sunsets and sunrises, but the wildlife has been my favorite. We have hummingbirds visiting our feeder, which is attached to the fifth wheel by a suction cup. I’m hoping to get a better picture than this one to share in the future. I’ve seen cardinals, ducks, geese, and a woodpecker, but haven’t spotted a bald eagle yet, but am still hoping.

The open field behind us offered us a wonderful surprise yesterday. A few of the Salt River Wild Horses paid us a visit from a distance. I caught a few pictures with my zoom lens, as you’re not to come within 50 feet of them. They were beautiful!horsesWe’ve done a great deal of sightseeing already and I’ll share that later. However, our favorite visits so far have been with our family here in Arizona. After all, that’s what loving life is all about. Until next time!

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Safe travels!

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