Visiting a Ghost Town in Arizona

When looking for different places to visit while we’re camping in Arizona, we came across information on the small community of Congress. It once served as a small mining town, turned into a ghost town, and now is a retirement community and suburb of another very cool town, Wickenburg.

Driving into Congress, we came across this wonderful art gallery and various buildings surrounding it. FotorCreated3

As an amateur photographer, I went nuts with my Nikon cameras. What a great place to shoot pictures. In addition, the wood design of artist Mike Yacos was breathtaking. I’d highly recommend you visit so you can see his designs, found inside the studio.


My husband, Dan, is a huge fan of western movies and the area reminded me of the 1950’s westerns, so when we  returned to the RV, I decided to play with the photos and make them black and white.  FotorCreated2

Loved this place! This visit turned into another great road trip in Arizona!

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Safe travels!

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