Take Time for You

When we first started our journey, many friends asked about how Dan and I would adjust to being together all the time. After all, we were used to each having a car, Dan’s motorcycle, and I worked 40+ hours per week, which also included me being out of town pretty often. Now, we see each other every day and night, have only one vehicle, and are camped outside of town so any additional transportation is limited.

What we’ve learned in the past five weeks is we need to take time for ourselves. This morning, I went to the gym at the RV resort and hopped on the treadmill while listening to a book on Audible. On a side note, Audible was a life saver for me when I was stuck in those 1 to 1 1/2 hour traffic jams in the morning and afternoon on my way home from the office, something I don’t miss. I chose not to give up Audible.com when we decided to go fulltime, as I knew we’d both enjoy it on those long drives across the country. I highly recommend it.gymWhile I was in the gym, Dan took the truck and headed to the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Museum in Mesa, not my cup of tea. He’s always enjoyed airplanes since back when he was a boy in Ohio. He watched airplanes land and take off at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Even when he returns home to see family, he tries to work in a trip to the National Museum of the US Air Force, located on the base. AND he usually goes alone as what takes most people a couple of hours to go through could take him a whole day, which is another reason I didn’t join him this morning. As I type this blog entry, he’s still there. Plus, if we’re going to spend money out of our entertainment budget for the month, why buy an additional ticket if you both don’t want to do it? Instead, earlier this month I treated myself to a trip to the Desert Botanical Garden, which I shared in a previous blog.DanSo, just because you’re in a small space, under 400 square feet, or even in a large space that feels crowded, doesn’t mean you can’t take time for you. Even if it means one of you is in the RV and the other is not, or if you put on headphones and listen to music while the other watches television, remember to take the time for you.

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Safe travels!

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