And The Journey Goes On…

When my husband and I decided to get married after dating only five months, many raised their eyebrows and bet on how long it would last. Seventeen years later, I’m happy to report we are still at it. DanDiannWe joked the other day that we wouldn’t have imagined when we first got married our life would lead to selling almost everything we own, loading up our pets, and living in an RV. Over these years, we’ve lived in almost as many houses as I’ve had hairstyles, but none have allowed us to change our view on a daily basis.danddWe’ve flown, cruised, and driven to a number of places throughout our lives together and enjoyed so many beautiful sites. We’ve visited 22 states and three countries along the way.  We are truly blessed.ddarizonaOur journey goes on as we continue to knock things off our bucket list, while enjoying each other’s company and traveling the roads across the U.S.

If you are interested in the RV lifestyle or what it is like to RV full time without the commitment of an RV purchase, try an RV Rental.

Safe travels!


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