Back in Arizona – Tucson & Beyond

After spending most of the summer in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and my beloved Texas, we decided to head back to Arizona for the rest of 2016. Dan has stated numerous times that he wants to spend the cold months in communities where their hardware store doesn’t even know what a snow shovel looks like. So we’re back in Fort McDowell at Eagle View RV Resort, the first place we stayed in Arizona when we started our journey six months ago.

But, before we settled here, we stopped in Tucson and stayed a few nights at Tucson/Lazydays KOA. Loved this park for a number of reasons but the citrus trees at almost every RV site was a great perk. We weren’t there at the right time of year to enjoy the fruit but loved the idea. Of course our girls really liked the extra-large dog park, offering plenty of room to run and play. My favorite thing had to be the sunrises and sunsets we experienced while visiting. They were truly breathtaking.tucson1While in the area, we took a day trip to the Coronado National Forest and Mount Lemmon. The drive was gorgeous. We’d never seen these kinds of rock formations at any locations we’ve visited so far. tucson2And then there was the view from the top of the mountain. Definitely worth it.tucson3We drove down to Sierra Vista, the humminbird capitol of the U.S., and Fort Huachuca to pay respects to my late Uncle Reginald Sheppard, who is buried at the cemetery there. The Fort Huachuca Historical Museum tells of the history of the Buffalo Soldier. We were limited on time but the Fort has a couple of museums you can visit while there. tucson5Our final stop was the Ramsey Canyon Preserve in Hereford, Arizona. We didn’t have any real expectations and were pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful escape, located in the Upper San Pedro River Basin and the Huachuca Mountains. A couple of cabins from the early 1900’s are on the property, telling the story of the history of the area. It’s also known for birding and other animals, including hummingbirds, black bears, and Chiricahua leopard frogs. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any of those mentioned above. Perhaps another time, but the trails to the cabins certainly were worth our visit.tucson6I think the greatest surprise Dan and I have experienced since visiting Arizona is the myth that it’s only a desert full of cactus and sand. Sure, everyone knows about the Grand Canyon but the mountain regions of the state don’t get nearly the attention we think they deserve.tucson7Here’s to more adventures in Arizona and beyond, as we continue our nomadic time. Safe travels!

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