Fountain Hills Fun

Since we’re staying through the rest of the year in Eagle View RV Resort in Fort McDowell, Arizona, we spend a lot of time in Fountain Hills. The community is only a couple of miles down the road from us so it’s where we buy groceries, dine out, and take leisurely strolls around Fountain Park, home to one of the world’s highest fountains. We can even see the fountain from our RV, as it rises to a height of 560 feet. It’s surrounded by a beautiful park with bronzes and artwork throughout.



In fact, there are so many public art pieces in the town that they offer a Public Art Walk Guide for you to download on the visitors centers website. Incredible!


While we’ve loved the art, we’ve also enjoyed the culinary options in town. Phil’s Filling Station Grill provides you with nostalgia of days gone by and offers a really good burger and meatloaf plate. We’ve enjoyed tasty Chinese cuisine at the very affordable Chen’s Garden. Breakfast at Flapjacks has been a must, offering the fluffiest omelets and most wonderful oven-baked pancakes we’ve ever tasted. These selections are all great but the sweet tooth in me absolutely loves Chocofin Chocolatier. Not only is their chocolate incredibly decadent, it’s also beautiful. But not too beautiful to eat, trust me on this.


With all the great things I’ve already mentioned, our favorite to experience so far in Fountain Hills was the recent Fountain Festival of Arts & Crafts we attended this past weekend. As big fans of the Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, we’ve always placed the Texas show at the top of the list for arts events. I’m happy to report we’ve found its equivalent in Arizona. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself in the few photos I’ve included in this blog.

Among our favorite artists were the metal art of Craig Bergsgaard, the Gourds by Eduardo, Mercurial Art’s kiln-fired glass, and AZtravelgrl Photography.


I had a couple of personal favorites of my own. Sarena Mann Studios paper maché mobiles made me smile as soon as I walked into her booth. As many festivals and art galleries I’ve visited in my life, I’ve never seen anything like them. In fact, I loved them so much, we now have one hanging below our ceiling fan in our RV. I love watching her spin in her flower swing. This artwork will continue to bring me joy for a very long time.


Sadly, I lost the gentleman’s card who made these amazing Native American bronzes but I wanted to include pictures of them. Hopefully, someone who attended the show will read this and be able to tell me his name. I’ll try to locate it in the meantime, and when I do, I’ll make sure to link his website. I’ve never seen any bronzes more beautiful. I’ve also included other Native American art among them.


Finally, I have to share a piece from Durden art among the great entries. Not only is their artwork fun and colorful, as their website states they also create new inspirational material and push the progression of story telling and adaptation of pre-existing works. I absolutely loved this Disney-themed artwork of all the clothing of the Disney princesses. Adorable!


If you haven’t visited Fountain Hills, Arizona, take the time to stop in. And if you want to make it to another arts festival, according to the locals, they have another comparable show in February of 2017 called The Great Fair. Check it out!

Safe travels!

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