An RV Christmas with An Eagle View

For the past three months, we’ve been parked at Eagle View RV Resort  (Asah Gweh Oou-o) at Fort McDowell, Arizona. It’s not our first visit as we also stayed here when we started our full-time RV journey in April of this year. And we have no doubt we will join them at Eagle View again in the future.

Located in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community near Tonto National Forest, the resort has truly been a wonderful base for us. Staying here has allowed us to take numerous day trips from as far south as Tucson and as far north as Payson, along with many communities in between. Aside from the large RV sites, we’ve taken advantage of many of the amenities including the large laundry room, clean showers, exercise facilities, and Dan’s favorite thing – the pool table in the clubhouse. While we haven’t used the swimming pool and hot tub, many of the others camped here certainly have enjoyed it. We’ve even visited the Fort McDowell Casino across the street a couple of times. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to win, but the Indian Fry Bread offered by one of the restaurants in the casino almost made up for

As a photographer, I’ve enjoyed every minute here. When we arrived in October, the first thing we saw were two bald eagles flying high above the park. Since that time, one of those eagles has landed along with many other winged animals, providing me with so many incredible photo opportunities.


One of our favorite animals to see are the Salt River Wild Horses. I’ve been able to capture them near the park, as well as nearby at Tonto National Forest. They are absolutely stunning and we make sure not to get too close to them so as not to scare them away. We want them to remain wild so keeping our distance is extremely

Many other animals are here, too. We never saw skunks, snakes, or scorpions and that’s okay with me. But we did see free-range cattle, peccaries, butterflies, and even a bobcat, although that was really just luck and I was only able to capture a shot of it as it was running

Sunrises and sunsets in Arizona have never disappointed. With mountains all around us at Eagle View, especially Four Peaks, which is part of the Mazatzal Mountains in the Four Peaks Wilderness, we’ve enjoyed amazing skies both day and night. new-phototastic-collage5


Our girls, Hannah and Sadie, have loved it here, too. It’s been so much fun to watch them relax  in our little fenced portion of our RV site and at the wonderful dog park, where we’ve met many other RVers through their dogs. new-phototastic-collage7

I suppose many would have a challenge not being in a home on a firm foundation during the holiday season, but it’s been wonderful for us. While we’ve spent Christmas away from our former stick and brick homes in the past, most of the time, we decorated the house even if we weren’t going to be there. I can only hope the people who bought our eight boxes of Christmas decorations at our last garage sale before we got on the road are enjoying their holiday this year. I know we don’t miss all the stuff. And, yes, we did do some decorating and it’s been pretty limited  but it absolutely works for us. new-phototastic-collage11

Yesterday, the Eagle View staff hosted a lunch for the resort visitors. They put on a great spread catered by Phil’s Filling Station Grill in Fountain Hills, Arizona, which is just a few miles down the road from the park. new-phototastic-collage

We had the opportunity to visit with fellow campers, enjoyed music from one of the young ladies staying here with her family, and felt the true spirit of Christmas through food and fellowship. This was yet another reason we love Eagle

We hope wherever you are, your holiday is wonderful and everything you want. We know ours certainly will be. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Prosperous and Safe New Year to you and yours!

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